How many calories are in each meal?

We try to stay away from discussing calories because they distract from the true connection with your body's sensations of hunger and satiety. As soon as you focus on how many calories you should or shouldn't consume your logic takes over, and your body's intuition becomes quieter. Our meals should be consumed as a holistic diet with other healthy foods. Substituting one or two meals with a soup or smoothie is a great approach to incorporating more fruits, vegetables, and whole grains into your daily diet. We strive to provide support for those looking to improve their relationship with food. We do not consider ourselves a 'diet' because we do not prescribe what to eat all the time. We provide breakfasts, lunches, and a Reset day - customers can choose any combination of those meals and use them in any way that works best for them. We encourage eating out, cooking at home, and snacking in a way that works well for you. Splendid meals are there as an anchor point - something a little leaner and totally plant-based to help you recalibrate after inevitable indulgences.

Click on any meal photo to open up a detailed description of our ingredients and nutritional facts.

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