I am diabetic. Can I still order?

Yes, our meals can definitely work for you. We do, of course, recommend that you check in with your primary care doctor but nutritionally, our meals are made to feed and nourish completely from the inside out.

High in fiber, whole fruits, and vegetables, our meals are great for digestion and controlling sugar levels. Studies show that a high-fiber diet can help manage diabetes by improving blood sugar control and reducing sugar lows.

We recommend consuming our lower carb meals to help with blood sugar regulation. See below for a list of our blood sugar-friendly meals. You can also click here to few all our blood sugar-friendly meals. Once you sign up, you'll be able to customize your order.

Focusing on our vegetable-based products is also a great approach to controlling your glucose levels. All in all, we want to make it easier for you to eat and live more mindfully. And when you start eating the right foods, everything else has a beautiful way of falling into place.


  • Garden Minestrone

  • Cauliflower Tikka

  • Butternut Turmeric Soup


  • Banana Flax

  • Power Greens

  • AB&J

  • Strawberry Goji

  • Blueberry Coconut

  • Green Matcha

Wellness Shots

  • Digestion Shot

  • Detox Shot

  • Wellness Shot

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