Can I travel with my Splendid Spoon meals?

Weโ€™re ready to travel to you. If youโ€™re planning to go out of town or stay at another address, you can easily change your delivery address in your account. Click here for details on how to update your delivery address. Need help? Reach out to us directly, and we can help you out.

Changing your delivery address will change all future deliveries that haven't already been charged. If you are just needing to change your delivery address for one delivery, please remember to update back to the original delivery address before your next scheduled renewal.

Please note that Cut-off Times still apply. After the cut-off times, we cannot guarantee that edits can be made to your order.Our customer service team will do their best to accommodate any last-minute requests. However, once the order is fulfilled by our warehouses, we will be unable to edit meals, cancel the order, or offer refunds or credits.

Pro Tip: You can even travel through TSA with your frozen meals!

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