Where's my delivery?

Our shipping partners work hard to ensure each box arrives safely and ready to enjoy, though unforeseen factors like inclement weather or staffing shortages can occasionally delay a shipment. While your box is in transit, you can click on the "Track my Box" button on your dashboard for any order that is en route. If your box does not arrive on the scheduled delivery day, you can always find the most up-to-date tracking information regarding your order in your account via the "Order History" tab. Please keep in mind that our shipping partners have a delivery window of 9am-9pm, and if we're anticipating any longer delays, you will likely receive a notification email directly from us.

When to wait: If your box is less than 24 hours delayed, please hold off on reaching out to our customer service team. Our insulated boxes are designed to keep your meals fresh throughout transit. If your box arrives later than normal, we encourage you to inspect the meals and let us know if anything is amiss. Please note that any packaged dry ice may dissipate naturally.

When to contact us: If your tracking link indicates that your box has a delivery exception such as damaged in transit, is very delayed, or was sent to an incorrect address, please reach out to us directly.

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