Pricing Changes

We are deeply committed to offering you the best meal experience possible. So many of you really wanted more plan flexibility, and this year we were laser-focused on making that dream a reality. To make this possible, we had to take a good hard look at what it takes to make each of our meals. We discovered that our more labor-intensive meals are the Soup and Grain Bowls which have a high concentration of varied ingredients and ingredient preparations. They are more expensive to make than our Smoothies which require less manual labor to produce. We have adjusted the prices of these categories accordingly, and will continue to be transparent with our customers, especially as we realize additional cost efficiencies in labor. We are working with urgency to improve this situation for our Soup and Grain bowls. While you will notice a price increase for the Soups & Grain Bowls, you will have a pretty satisfying decrease in cost for the Smoothies and Noodle Bowls!

This new pricing structure may decrease or increase the overall price of your current plan, which you can adjust easily and as often as makes sense for you.

We truly value your feedback and would be happy to answer any questions you may have. Please keep an eye out for a custom email from us regarding your specific plan and how it will be affected.

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